Monday, August 10, 2009

When He remained silent

I think i've mentioned this before on here, but one of the many things i love about Jesus is the way in which He remained silent when He was accused. I think it's so incredibly beautiful, especially because out of anyone He truely did have reason to defend Himself, because He was innocent. Yet, He choose to remain silent and entrusted Himself to the one who judges justly. He was so secure in His relationship with the Father that He had no need to defend His innocence on Earth. And i suppose, even though He was innocent, it wasn't right to be defensive, because it was at this point that He was taking on Himself the guilt of the World - and you can't really say a word in defence of sin. Anyway, i try to defend myself far too often and should remain silent far more than i do. Especially because a lot of the time i actually am guilty anyway, and have nothing to defend! Something which struck me a while back though, is that His silence speaks in my defence. The reason i never have to defend myself - whether i am innocent, or guilty - is because His silence defends me. Because He remained silent He took on Himself my guilt and forgave me. Therefore His silence provides me with a reason to stay silent. I can entrust myself to my Father, knowing that He judges justly, knowing that He looks at Jesus in my place and i don't have to try and make myself appear innocent before man - i simply trust that God sees me as innocent - not because i really am innocent, but because of Jesus. 

N.B. I have just realised i wrote a similar post to this over 2 years ago (Silence) - it was more passionate and makes more sense than this one!

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