Friday, April 20, 2007


"On solid rock i stand.... waiting for the sun to rise, with morning in it's hand... My soul awakes to melodies, the early birds are singing... their happy song; the voice of hope, that night has nearly gone."
- Picture by Cecilia Carlstedt -

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deb said...

Hey Bex. Just thinkin of you and wanted to say hi. I love to think that we stand on SUCH a solid Rock and that because of that nothing can really hurt us. Only temporarily but then that's just for a while and we belong in heaven where we live with the Father forever and ever in a perfect relationship once we've seen his face and his glory has been revealed to us and we get to see him truly as he really is and we get transfomed with new bodies and stuff with a big feast. We are even now sat at the right hand of the Father... cool beans! I am so sad! x