Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Simple things

"The flowers in silence seem to breathe,
Such thoughts as language cannot tell."
- Mrs L.Burke -
Over the last few years a love of simple things has grown in me. Quite surprising really considering my head used to be full of complex and confused streams of thought. Anyone who has known me for more than 3 years would understand this. These days it has become much more quiet and simple. I think i have become more simple. Or at least i desire to be more simple. Right now, life itself feels really quite simple. But simple in a way that is captivating. Simple in a way that is as vast and deep as the ocean. The kind of simplicity that can fascinate you for hours. A simplicity that goes beyond reason and goes beyond words... yet is still simple. I love the simplicity that is seen in the faces of children or the elderly. The simplicity that is found in birds and flowers. I may sound like a gypsy or a hippy. I don't care. It may sound like i am making contradictions too. How can the face of an old person be simple? It contains the depth and wisdom of their years... but i think that with that age can come a simplicity too... a simplicity that can't really be described, but simply is. I'm not denying the complexity and pain in life... i feel that too.... i just think that there is a simplicity that can surpass even that......

....... The simplicity that is in Christ. I can make things so complex, when really it is so simple. This is the simplicity that brings peace and rest. The simplicity that sees things as they are and asks no questions, but just trusts and obeys God. The simplicity of a child. I desire this. Other people spend years trying to become more intellectual.... i would rather spend my years becoming more simple.
".... the simplicity that is in Christ." - 2 Corinthians 11.3

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