Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New territory for the Foxes

It seems it is time for the Foxes to relocate. My parents and I are planning on moving to Market Harborough, which is near Leicester. We have only just decided. My Dad has got a job working for a charity who print bibles and christian literature for the blind. For the time being i will be going with them. I am quite happy and feel at peace about that though - i think it's the right thing for me at the moment, although it will be quite a change; i will miss people in Worthing and i won't know anyone there. I have moved loads in the past, so it shouldn't be too big a deal, although i have lived in this Worthing house for 18 years now and do feel a little apprehensive. The history of where i've lived goes as follows:

*Worthing - Rented house
*Worthing - Council house
*Jerusalem, Israel - Flat
*Worthing - Temporarily stayed in a missionary house as we had no-where to live
*Worthing - Temporarily stayed with friends as we had no-where to live
*Worthing - Rented house
*Liverpool - Rented house
*Liverpool - Rented flat
*Liverpool - House 1
*Worthing - Current house

If i included my temporary accomodation as a student too, then there is also:

*Manchester - Shared house
*Sheffield - 3 shared flats/houses at uni

Well, there we go, what a fascinating post, i am even falling asleep myself...........................

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deb said...

I'm gonna so flippin miss you my jubly matey, so bloomin much!Excited for you though, genuinely excited as I really think this is something that will bless you and your family more than you realise. See you friday afternoon, say 2.30? We could bake, then while stuff is cooling we can take the jake dog to somewhere lovely? Oh joy! Perhaps we could even end the afternoon with some mug painting? Who knows x