Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hip Hop Files

This is one of my favourite flyers. I have had it on my wall for about 3 years. I was struck a few days ago with the realisation that despite my love of it, i have never actually looked to see what it was advertising! How bizarre is that! I discovered that it was advertising a photography book called the 'Hip Hop Files' by Martha Cooper. I recently bought a different book by her, called 'Street Play', cos i really love her work. At this point i didn't know that this flyer was also by her. I quite like the fact that i have loved this flyer all these years without knowing the photo was by Martha Cooper! It goes to show that my taste must be consistent or something! I do find it strange that i never even looked on the back of the flyer though.... i reckon if it was a rubbish flyer i would have probably looked to see what on earth it was advertising, but in this case i was so captivated by the front, i didn't bother, ha ha! Goes to show how little power even good advertising has!

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