Monday, April 30, 2007

Bluebells and other things

"Suddenly the field awash with bluebells, like somebody had emptied the sky." - anon

I went to the bluebell woods yesterday with my family. I'm not too sure what Matt is doing is this picture, although it would appear that he is picking flowers?!! I'm sure he's really just getting rid of some cobwebs or bugs though, of which there were many. I seem to be making reference to nature and flowers loads these days... it's interesting the discoveries you make about yourself when you write a blog..... my frequent, re-occurring themes appear to be: art/illustration/photography, birds, flowers, children, old people, words, silence, prison, heaven and God...... it makes me wonder are these the things i think about most right now?... if so, then i really hope it's in the reverse order to the one i just listed!?


Maddy Reece said...

Aw what a cool pic! I love reading your blog becks its so refreshing! and is a great resource for research! he he he!

Love uXXX

Hannah said...

Did you know where that quote about bluebells came from? I found it written on the wall of the toilet at the Penthouse bar above the Freebutt in Brighton haha!

rebekah fox said...

Seriously Hannah?! Ha ha!! Now it's lost some of it's beauty, but has gained a whole different level too - i think, maybe?!? ha ha.