Monday, October 26, 2009

365 days and a stranger a week

I started a photography project today, actually i'm starting 2 projects. The first one is simply a 365 day project - i plan to take a photo a day for the next year, i'm not sure if there will be a common theme yet or not. The 2nd project is a weekly project, in which i aim to photograph a stranger a week, also for the next year.

I have no deep or meaningful reason for doing it, i just feel like it. However, I did figure it would be quite interesting to find and photograph a stranger a week - i decided it might make me a bit bolder, as i plan to ask their permission and chat to them before i take their portrait. I would also like to learn more about photography and so taking a photo a day will be good practise. Plus it will probably be good for me just to get more fresh air and exercise. I also hope it will encourage me to keep my eyes open more and to look at things in a different way - i think it's so easy to miss so much in life, simply because we don't really 'see'. There are so many things to thank God for when you actually stop and look around.

Anyway, i will see how it goes - if i feel it's completely unfruitful and a waste of time, i will stop... it's quite likely that i will decide to stop, as i have had a constant debate with myself for years over how useful photography really is. But saying that, I did actually have so much fun doing it today - i completely forgot about everything else and was fully absorbed in it. I'm not certain if that's a good thing or not, maybe it means it was escapism, i don't know, but i felt relaxed and uplifted afterwards. 

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