Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hoss Intropia

-Image from Hoss Intropia, a fashion company-

I'm such a visual person that i can be fascinated for hours just by looking at anything really! - people, life, magazines, art and so on.... i even take great note at the presentation of things or the way things are advertised, such as clothes..... I collect flyers, not for what they are advertising, but just if i like the designs on them. Is that really shallow? i don't know. Maybe it partly is. But i'd like to think that it's just cos i appreciate aesthetics, which can't be altogether bad can it? I don't know.

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deb said...

You are a legend do you know that! I love your randomness and how flippin brilliantly you explain yourself in you many pictures and splurges. It feels like something's been lifted off me reading all your posts. What you say is so fresh and...YOU! You around on friday afternoon for some deb time? Love to see you this week as I'm out galivanting the streets of tunbridge wells and dalesdown all next week.... x