Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Fox Rage Syndrome

I have just been struck with a distinct case of what Robb termed the "Fox Rage Syndrome!" It has come out of no-where to steal my joy and leave me agitated. It's not really worthy of blogging or thinking about, it's definitely not good or pure and goes against the general theme of my blog! But when i remembered how Robb used to laugh at us Foxes and our proneness to little anger outbursts it did make me smile and actually helped to slightly dissolve the irrational feeling. Anyway, it will pass in no time at all i'm sure, it has a habit of doing that.

I have just noticed how i have written this as if the 'rage' has a life of it's own, and it's not my fault... i have acquired a bad knack of being able to shift the blame when i want to.... here the 'rage syndrome' is my scape goat... other times it's my 'drugs' or 'epilepsy'... ha ha.... it really is just my own fault today... i am sorry for my anger!

Wow... i am amazed... i feel better already.... it's completely gone.... this is so strange............


jeni cottrell said...

Becky my love, I was told by the psychologist I saw that anger that is not expressed turns into depression. Sometimes it's ok to feel angry when we have reason to, my reason was because I lost someone I loved, your reason your life has been turned upside down by your illness both equally good reasons for anger. I was told that my feelings of irritabilitly were ok and that if not expressed would turn into depression. Obviously he said you should avoid hurting people in the process, he advised the best thing to do is to say to people u are around, 'i feel angry' then you don't project it on them by just being irritated by them and making them think it's their fault. Which is what you just did on your blog, you said 'I feel angry' and that's prob what made you feel a bit better!
Its so lovely to have memories like that isn't it? That effect random things.
Lots of love to you xx

jeni cottrell said...

I realise i repeated myself in that comment and it was a bit poorl written sorry bout that. x