Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The finest pin will never hold a butterfly

"The finest pin will never hold a butterfly"- Jeffrey Faucault
"For He looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God." - Hebrews 11.10
I really like this image by Kat Heyes. In a strange way it reminds me of the above bible verse, and also the song lyrics that i quoted at the top. That is one of my favourite bible verses and I like the fact that this picture, which reminds me of it, also has a butterfly on it. I love butterflies. I think they have such a mysterious beauty and life about them and they always make me feel hopeful. To me this picture seems to intertwine the mystery of longing, with the beauty of hope. One day i will be there; in the city i long for, with the God i love, as a completely new creation - and no pin will ever hold me.

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jeni cottrell said...

What a beautiful picture, i love it.

You know what, when Robb was in hospital he was given a book called 'The Grand surprise - Butterflies and the Kingdom of God'. It's got over 220 photographs of butterflies/nature, plus bible verses and writings! I considered bringing it yesterday but only for a second cos it's different to the other books i bought, but perhaps you would like to peruse it at some point. If so, let me know. Lots of love, jen x