Friday, March 30, 2007

Flag Flown High

"Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise,
The city of our God, the holy place,
The joy of the whole earth.

Great is the Lord in whom we have the victory
He aids us against the enemy.
We bow down on our knees.

And Lord we want to lift Your Name on high,
And Lord we want to thank you
for the works You've done in our lives.
And Lord we trust in Your unfailing love;
For you alone are God eternal,
Throughout earth and heaven above."
I would cringe if i read that song on some-one elses blog, but it was going through my head and i wanted to write it down. Then i remembered the following little song i learned as a kid, and loved, and i concluded there was no reason whatsoever why i shouldn't write songs on my blog.

"There is a flag flown high from the castle of my heart,
for the King is in residence here.
So let it fly in the sky,
Let the whole world see,
That the King is in residence here"


Anonymous said...

Becky I can NOT pass by without stopping to say hello and I love that song. I remember Hannah and Matt singing it to us in the car when they were mere teenies, and it was in that moment that The Foxes took their special seat in the castle of MY heart, just under the flag - ha! I often find myself humming it and remember Hannah's story about looking out of school on her first day and seeing a flag and remembering that The Lord was with her. I am so excited I have just seen Maddy and she's given me a lesson on reading blogs - what fun! And it's free! It's a Whole New World - there's another classic song. Lots of love to you, precious lamb xx Pam

rebekah fox said...

Pam, I'm glad you like that song, it is one of my all-time favourites! You have to to sing 'castle' with a Liverpudlian accent though, simply because that is the way us foxes learnt it! I got a bit enthusiastic when i originally wrote that post and did also include the classic kids song.... "oh i'm so happy, so very happy, i've got the love of Jesus in my heart..." cos that also is a great song and writing out "i've got a flag flown high" had the strange effect of making me want to burst out with all the songs i could remember.... but in the end i decided that i should probably just sing them to myself before my blog became even more cheesy than it already is! Thanks for commenting anyway.. love becky xx