Saturday, March 31, 2007


Disclaimer: Whilst writing this blog i have been taking 2 very strong anti-convulsant drugs. I have just started on a 3rd one. Right now i feel intoxicated! The 2nd drug, Keppra, which i have been on for quite a few months, gave me several unpleasant side-effects, including making me really quite emotional. If i write anything bizarre then i blame it fully on these drugs and reject all responsibility for it. However, if there is anything worthwhile then i will happily resume full responsibility.

Although i am humouring myself by having a disclaimer, it does actually make a valid point. I know i have no need to justify it to any-one really, as i am writing this blog for myself... but i just thought maybe my future self will benefit from this disclaimer! ha ha. Oh dear... what does go on inside this head of mine? I will be coming off my 2nd drug soon though; it will take about 5 months to switch over... the new drug also has some slightly unattractive side-effects... but hopefully it won't make me emotional or give me insomnia, and so i'm really more than happy.


deb said...

Matey, I do hope you find a concoxion that works for you very soon. It really bugs me that there has to be side effects to these things, but when I can see past that, I realise just how amazing drugs and medicines really are. I mean the way I my antideps stop me crying too randomly and frequently (pretty much!!)and how headaches go away when I take paracetamol - crazily wonderful! Do you ever think what we'd be like if there was NO such thing as medicine... if there wasn't even germaline and paracetamol and that sort of thing even... no pain relief whatsoever! What would the world look like I wonder? Would we cope better with things or would we be a mass of moaning and wailing? What did people do before medicine? Sorry to rabbit on, just letting my thoughts flow from my fingers for a while there! I love you my lovely sister in the Lord. Hope all is good. xxx

rebekah fox said...

Thanks Debs... i am quite anti-drugs right now, so you have helped me to see sense a little! I think it's only cos in my case they don't actually work, they just make things worse (ha ha... i sound like i'm singing the verve song..."oh the drugs don't work, they just make things worse...") Fortunately your drugs stop you crying randomly.... but unfortunately my drugs have quite unneccessarily created that very problem in me, this morning i cried cos my rabbit died 10 years ago... last night i fell asleep on the kitchen floor....this is what is worrying me.... ah well, what can you do hey? except laugh at oneself... .... which is what i am doing right now (laughing at me, not you). Anyway, must make myself focuss on all the benefits now.. of which there are many... i'm becoming far too negative. And have just exposed my insanity to anyone who may be reading! Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. love from me x x