Friday, February 12, 2010

We stand by grace alone

I know too many people who look at men like them. And say they need to change their ways, just get on with life again. They say it like they're so much more, like they look down on them; they say it like they think they're pure and other men far worse than them. I sometimes wonder, are they blind? Can they not see their own sin? Do they not know we're all the same. Saved by grace alone. And maybe yes, some men sin more. And maybe yes, some carry much more pain. And maybe yes, some are so lost it hurts to look at what they've become. But who are you to judge their lives? Who are you to write them off? Who are you to just presume they should know how to get it right? Please, don't simply judge. Please, don't write them off. Please, don't presume you know all that's gone on. Please, could you just love them as they are and offer them your time, your ear, your heart, your care. And maybe then, somehow you'll love them back to life again. And maybe then, somehow they'll see in you our Saviour's face and understand the depth of His grace.  And maybe then, their sin will fade, if mercy, love, truth and faith are offered in it's place. And maybe too, you will be changed, and find in them something more than you first saw. And maybe you will realise just how alike we all are. And even if no change is seen, at least we will have loved like Him. And even if we can not help, at least we will have shared our lives and come with truth and not pretense. And even if hurts so bad, at least we will have made a place where there is room for God and for His grace. 

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