Monday, February 08, 2010

How precious is the flow..

I've been listening to the song i quoted in my last post on repeat recently. Last night i must have played it about 30 times as i was trying to fall asleep, and i've probably played it 20 times today. I was thinking about the line which says "How precious is the flow"... and i realised how completely appropriate the word 'precious' is.... i mean, the blood of Jesus is unbelievably precious; it's precious simply because it's the blood of the living God, the creator of the Universe, the One who is the very essence of life itself, the One who is more precious than any other one, but it's also precious because it's the blood that God sees and counts as enough to deal with our sin. What i mean is, it's precious because it's Jesus' blood and Jesus is infinitely precious. But it's also precious to me because of what it means for my life. I know i'm stating the obvious here. I don't really care. I'd rather speak of what i count as precious, even if it sounds obvious or cringe-worthy. 

Also, i love how something like blood can make someone white. I mean, blood normally stains, but Jesus' blood does the opposite. Red turns us white. I also love the fact that every single person on Earth is basically in the same position and can come to God with no plea, other than the blood of Jesus. The worst sinner and the most moral, kind soul, stand alike with nothing to cling to except for Jesus. There's no place for pride, or self-exaltation, or comparison, Jesus alone is our confidence. There'd be no hope for me if it wasn't for this. I therefore count His blood as mightily precious. I count Him as mightily precious.

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