Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dragon Scales

She walked right in til water swept, past her waist and past her face... 'oh to be clean, to be clean', a wailed groan slipped from her lips.... but blackness stains, she couldn't change. He tried to scratch his dragon scales, with fervent nails he clawed his wings, but underneath was just raw skin.... 'oh to be a child again'..... but shedding scales won't change your name. There is one way, one way alone; It is red blood that turns men white. And Kingly wounds that paid the price. It is His death that rewrites lives.

And so it is: We too must die before we live. We die in Him, and then a whore can become clean, a dragon-man a child again, a heart of stone gets turned to flesh. And now, one thing is left: We go back out into the World, where hearts are hard and souls are black. Where backs are scarred and we get stabbed. If we don't go, how will they know? That girl will drown in her attempts, the dragon-man will bleed to death. His word to us should be enough: we do not go alone.

(photo by Krystian Kujda)

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