Saturday, December 26, 2009

A child

"At this point everything becomes clear or unclear, bright or dark. For here we are standing at the centre. And however high and mysterious and difficult everything we want to know might seem to us, yet we may also say that this is just where everything becomes quite simple, quite straightforward, quite childlike. Right here in this centre, in which as a Professor of Systematic Theology i must call to you, 'Look! This is the point now! Either knowledge, or the greatest folly!' - here i am in front of you, like a teacher in Sunday school facing his kiddies, who has something to say which a mere four-year-old can really understand. 'The world was lost, but Christ was born, rejoice, O Christendom!'... 'God became man for thy good, O man. Tis God's own child that binds Himself to thine own blood.'" - Karl Barth (via Wesley Hill)

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