Monday, December 14, 2009

Though he die...

If cracks in stone walls make way for clambering twigs which carry blossom on their finger-tips, then maybe cracks aren't such a bad thing. If out of brokeness, something beautiful can be seen.... which joins together two crumbling things. To be sure, the message of death and decay can't be escaped; it's engraved into the core of all earthly things.. but the message of resurrection is written just as clear. That wall is dying, breaking down, yes.... and given much longer, life itself will fully destroy it .... but does that matter, if a blossoming tree is growing there, ready to take it's place. One thing dies. Another thing lives. It's as simple as that. As heart-breakingly harsh as that. As wonderful as that. Each winter tree and subsequent spring leaf bears testimony to this. Out of one thing's death, something new can live. And the glorious message proclaimed at the end of it all, is this: that LOVE is as strong as death. Decay, destruction, brokeness, death... they seem pretty final, yes. But in the midst of this all, something more beautiful springs up. Something stronger, with enough power to resurrect even the dead:........ Love. 

"for love is strong as death..." Song of Songs 8:6

"Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live." 
John 11:25

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