Monday, June 04, 2007

Note for a child

"I am the question and you are the answer
I am the lyric with words, who, like dancers,
Need you, the melody, to give life to my song
I am a boat in the sea all alone
You are the North Star, guiding me home
I'm the explorer and you are the treasure I seek

And how can I dare to believe
I wake from this dream to see
Impossibly beautiful, you walk beside me
And all that I see in you
I just want to be with you
Impossibly beautiful, but beautifully true

I am a Japanese house made of paper
You, like a hurricane, lay me to waste
Here in my brokenness, everything changes but you"

- Lyrics from a song by 'Note for a Child' -


Anonymous said...

I love this song! thought I recognised the words in it from your blog! Jen x x x

rebekah fox said...

Yeah, i wondered whether you'd make the link when you got the c.d.... glad you like it anyway! xx