Saturday, January 09, 2010

Typewriter paintings

"I saw a little boy riding a tricycle on the side-walk today. I don't know how to draw tricycles,  or the human figure in any position other than standing, so here is the boy, and above him, a ball that he would probably have thrown into the air had he not been riding his trike."

"I walked into the post as usual today. whilst in line to mail a small package, it suddenly occured to me that i was wearing the exact same colour scheme as the old old man in front of me. that is something that cannot be left unacknowledged. i tapped him on the shoulder and said, "we match!" and he looked me up and down and laughed! and then we continued to stand in line like usual."

I came across these by Lesley Kerr. She took an old book and made each page into a diary entry, adding a little picture and typing a matching message on a typewriter! I wrote out the typewritter message under each picture, cos it's not that easy to read in the photo. Anyway, i just think it's a really lovely idea and it makes me smile....

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Jen Ryder said...

I love that last one!!