Friday, January 22, 2010


A couple of months ago i visited Oldham for a few days, to check out the work that Eden are doing there at the moment. I got to know a few of the girls from the estate, who had recently started going to the youth club at the Church there, and i've kept in touch with some of them since. I was chatting online to one of them a couple of nights ago. She had just become a Christian, and was really excited, but also scared to tell her family. I had a good chat with her, and felt encouraged by what God is doing in that place. Even over the last few weeks i've observed a noticable change in this girl. It's a pretty run down area of Manchester, and most of the kids who have just started coming to the youth activities are from pretty difficult backgrounds. I'm glad that there are Christians living amongst them, acting as light in an otherwise dark place.

However, I found out just now, that one of the other girls i met when i was there, has just died. She just collapsed and died. I only chatted to her over a couple of days, so barely knew her at all, but she had been friends with the other kids for years. I feel really shocked. It's so sad. She was only 15 years old. And it makes me realise again how suddenly and easily a life can just end. It is my hope that she was amongst the few girls who i know gave their lives to Jesus last Sunday night, but i don't know if she was or not. It makes me feel again a sense of urgency... that there are so many people who need to hear about Jesus before it's too late. And it is my prayer that God will comfort the family and friends of Lucy as they grieve.

I don't know why i am writing this post. I am supposed to be packing, but i suddenly feel numb and unable to do anything.


Anette Acker said...

Oh, Becky, that is so tragic! How is the girl who just became a Christian handling it?

Jeni Whitchurch said...

Oh that's so sad Becky. Well done for encouraging that girl as i'm sure you did. Great to have you back! x