Thursday, January 07, 2010

I understand very little...

I came across a blog a few years ago, written by a lady who's 3 year old daughter had died in a tragic accident. She was playing hide and seek, hid in a hot car and fell asleep there. She died from the heat. It made me cry for days. I didn't even know the girl. It just seems so sad, that a child can die so young, and with them all the hopes and dreams that a family has for that child's life. I don't know how someone comes to terms with it. I haven't been on her blog for a while, but read it today and she recited a conversation she had just had with her other 4 year old daughter. She tells her daughter that one day they will all be together again in heaven. They discuss heaven a lot, from a very worldly perspective of heaven. And what she says is what most people tell children. It's the easiest thing to tell them. But, from what i'm aware, this family don't believe in Jesus. Obviously i'm not going to attempt to presume where any of them will end up. That is up to God. But it does break my heart to think that they have a dream of all being reunited again, when it might not actually be what happens. But what else can you tell a 4 year old? How else can you deal with this kind of grief if you don't have Jesus to help you? And how can you tell a grieving mother that unless they believe in Jesus then they actually won't see their daughter again? I don't have a clue. Sometimes the truth seems incredibly painful. You could discuss such things from a theological perspective endlessly, but when you take a living example, and let that reality penetrate your heart, somehow it just silences me and makes me realise i can't possibly grasp all these things. I guess i just confess today that i understand none of this. I trust that God is good, just, compassionate and loving. I know that He is close to the broken, the grieving, the poor, and loves to have children around Him. So i trust that He will work all things out in a way that is both right and loving and brings Him glory. I guess all He asks us to do is to love others and to teach them about Him. The rest is down to Him. But from this end, sometimes it seems like life is a very peculiar thing.

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Anonymous said...

I read her blog years ago and still do occasionally. I always pray for them - such a tragedy!