Sunday, May 20, 2007


Picture by Mandy Sutcliffe; an illustrator who is inspired by children and sells her work in a shop named 'millymollymandy'! This picture is entitled 'smile' and quite simply, i like it.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been trying on and off to leave a comment since the photo of Matt being so manly with those bluebells!! Realise now that I didn't do the word verification check so it didn't print. Anyway, just wanted to say how sad I am about you all moving! I am excited for you of course but I am fond of the foxes as you know. When I was in that comedy choir at Easter I looked out and saw you all in a row worshipping away and felt very moved , I don't know, maybe a little glimpse of how God's heart must overflow when people give him glory like that, it was a beautiful thing. xxxx Pam

rebekah fox said...

Thanks for your comment Pam, love becky xx