Thursday, May 17, 2007

A complete genius

My posts often greatly divert from my original theme: tenderness which is found in unusual places.

I was, however, thinking again today about how my seizures are in fact an example of that; kindness demonstrated in the most abstract way! I don't often write about my epilepsy, but i do often think how completely amazing it is that God still pours out such goodness in the midst of my fits - so much so that the fit is almost nullified and made irrelevant. It is overwhelmingly astonishing sometimes. Even if i physically still fit, i think God still always conquers; by reigning in tenderness and grace and kindness and mercy instead. It is a mystery to me - I do nothing to merit it, that really is the truth. I just convulse and shout and lay there unable to help myself - i am simply weak and a big disruption, but still God always helps me. There is a verse in the bible which says about how the way to overcome evil is with good. Although i haven't been healed, i feel like i have been shown such goodness from God, through other people, that He has still overcome. I know there will be a day when i am fully healed, even if that's not until i die, but until then i know God has His plans and His ways of still always reigning. It is incredible. He is a complete genius.


Anonymous said...

beautiful x x x

Anonymous said...

p.s that was me! Jen x x

Maddy Reece said...

becky your such an inspiration! I know I have told you this before and you have said to me that you dont see why but just believe me you are. You have taught me so much about loving and trusting in God through good and bad. I flippin luv you and you are gonna be soooooo missed in worthing! luv yaXXX