Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Everyday life in Tokyo

Hannah sent me a link to this amusing photo of everyday life in Tokyo. I felt the need to put it on my blog simply because it made me laugh. I fear that it is becoming apparent though that my dear sister is in fact the source of several of my pictures and quotes.


hannah said...

hey u stole that from my not yet published but may one day be published blog!!

becky said...

Does that mean you have a blog which is set to 'private'??? or you don't have one but are still thinking of doing one?? I gave you credit for it for the picture though, and there are many other links you've shown me which i have NOT put on my blog, so you can keep them for yours... so you should appreciate that at least!

deb said...

Hi hannah! Hey Bex! Was so funny the other night, you got a mention on todays post, hope you don't mind... I had to tell the wolrd about your simplistic white mug design!

Loved spending time with you the other evening, gonna miss that a LOT!

Lots of love, see you tomorrow hopefully x