Friday, September 03, 2010

A weight of future glory...

"God knows all this World's weight and burden and heaviness and if there were not a weight of future glory to counterpoise it, we should all sink into nothing." John Donne

"Our last day is our first day; our Saturday is our Sunday; our eve is our holy day; our sunsetting is our morning; the day of our death is the first day of our eternal life. The next day after that... comes that day that shall show me to myself. Here i never saw myself but in disguises; there, then, I shall see myself, but i shall see God too... Here i have one faculty enlightened, and another left in darkness; mine understanding sometimes cleared, my will at the same time perverted. There i shall be all light, no shadow upon me; my soul invested in the light of joy, and my body in the light of glory." - John Donne

"He began with prayers that the pain be removed; he ends with prayers that the pain be redeemed, that he be 'catechised by affliction'. Such redemption might take the form of miraculous cure - he still hoped so - but even if it did not, God could take a crude lump and through the refiner's fire of suffering make of it pure gold." - Philip Yancey on John Donne

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