Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Standing on the rock.

I was talking to a friend today about how sometimes everything in life can seem misty and like you can't see the way ahead, but you have to remember that you are standing on the rock that is God. I was remembering a time in Sheffield, just before i was ill, when i went onto a hilltop which overlooked the city. It was really misty that day and you couldn't see anything much... there was a big rock which i went and stood on, and i felt God remind me that when things got misty in life just to remember i was standing on Him... and that the mist would pass. After i had this conversation today i came home and randomly came across this stream of photos by Randy P Martin. It encouraged me, because they basically illustrate the exact thing i was thinking about. I like the fact that the girl is standing on a rock in all of the photos, but not all of the photos are misty. In the last couple there is no mist and she is in a setting of flowing water. Anyway, i admit that i am quick to forget, as even this evening i was feeling a little disheartened and confused again, but i guess that's the exact reason why we need to remember that God is our rock at all times.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. And a little bit interested in The Joshua Project. Do you know anyone there that might want to do a toemail promotion with us?

Hannah said...

and some of them are not even standing, they are sitting.. maybe (like me) they can't even always feel up to standing, thankfully the rock is still there!