Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am indecisive - maybe that makes me fickle too, i don't know. I write posts, then delete them, cos i can't decide if i agree with what i wrote, or if it's what i even think, or if it's right. I mess around designing headers or making things, then decide i hate them. I come up with ideas, like photo projects, then quit after a few days. I say i want to do certain things, or live certain ways, and i truly mean it when i say it, i just rarely keep to it. I'm thinking, this makes me fickle, or something similar... or maybe that's just what humans are like. Anyway, I gave up on my previous photo projects - not on photography completely, i do still like photos, i just didn't like the rigid nature of making myself take a photo everyday. However, i have decided i really do want to try and meet and photograph strangers more - mainly cos i think it's a good way to get chatting to strangers.... and i love chatting to strangers. I also just saw some photos by a guy called Benoit Paillé and found them very inspiring. He takes a lot of pictures of complete strangers - i think they are powerfully emotive - the ones included in this post are by him, although i couldn't bring myself to post any of the more emotive ones, cos they had such a sad feel to them.

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