Sunday, November 08, 2009

Strange Observation

I have noticed that when i look at things...  anything.... photos, drawings, nature, life, people.... i almost subconciously turn what i see into a prayer, it happens before i even realise it.... or i read some deeper meaning into it and let it prompt a stream of thought or somehow speak to me.... sometimes i write these streams of conciousness on here..... but they are simply that, streams of spontaneous thought, and never me trying to write something in a certain way. Anyway, i seem to spend my life like this.... making analogies out of the simplest things... it's like i think through the visual, as much as words.....  like a feather on the ground is never just a feather on the ground to me.... and a coloured picture is far more than what the natural eyes see.... or a broken door isn't just a bit of rotten wood, it bares the traces of all the lives that have entered in or out of it..... most of the time though, i don't even attach words or concious thoughts to what i see, but i know that somehow it's come alive in me and transformed itself into some kind of deep mystery....... i wonder, is this strange?.....  or is this just one of the reasons we were given eyes to see?...  

I guess everyone sees things differently.... through the filter of their own hearts and minds and experiences...... i guess that makes life open to misinterpretation... but i also guess it means that things that are just inanimate on their own, come alive uniquely to each person who sees them..... i kinda like this and take it to be a good thing.... maybe it's how God uses everyday life to speak to us. 

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