Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mud Song

"isn't it just like You to make a slave into Your daughter
isn't it just like You to make wine out of dirty water

Father You made me Yours
found my orphan heart and brought it home
and i'm safe here and i sing

I used to live in chains
my wounds bled to the ground
my bed was out in the rain
my hair in knots and soaked in mud

but You took my hand
and You led me in
and combed my hair
and You kissed my skin
and You gave me food
and You made me Yours.

and i'm safe here and i sing"

- Lyrics taken from the Mud Song by The Blackthorn Project - 

They explain on their site that the song reflects the story of redemption throughout Scripture: "From Egypt to Canaan. From Joseph's prison cell to his throne. From the lost son's pig sty to his welcome home feast. This story happens time and time again.... Orphans are beloved sons and daughters... Girls redeemed from the sex trade are finding places of refuge in the people of Jesus who are risking life and limb to call these "nobodies" their own. "  

All His children have their own individual stories
But each one is written in the blood of our King.
And because of His story, i too can sing.

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