Sunday, July 26, 2009

The sky is falling

I seem to have become overly interested in street art recently and can't seem to stop myself researching new artists. I just discovered the work of Joe Iurato and really like his style. He's entitled his most recent exhibition :01 and says the reason for this is because "A single second is the most powerful measurement of time. It can symbolize the last fleeting moment before an end, or the clear mark of a new beginning. It might stand for both, as a once dire situation finds its way to fate and a chance to start over. It’s then that :01 becomes the most significant moment in a person’s life. It’s the blessing born of hardship. Honesty, destiny and happiness sometimes find their way easiest after dirt is kicked in our faces. This work is my :01"  He is trying to raise funds through his art for a charity called Wine for Water, which seeks to improve access to water in some of the poorest areas of the World, such as Ethiopia. I thought he was worth a mention anyway.

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