Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In His Time

I was getting the bus back from town earlier and i couldn't help but laugh at the fact that everyone else on it was old. They had beautifully aged faces and trendy Granny clothes, but they were old nonetheless and distinctly tired. I watched a lady stumble on and sit down with a sigh of relief. I think i had done the same. It seemed like i had grown old before my time as i sat there with them. But i somehow felt peaceful there and smiled the whole way back. I was thinking about how i wasn't really sitting there before my time at all, even though it seemed like it... i wasn't sitting with the old when i should be running with the young, but i was simply sitting with the old because in that moment it was right for me to be sitting there. Just before i went out i read Jeni's blog, on which she had quoted Psalm 31.15: "My times are in His hands", and i was thinking how true it is - My times are in God's hands, my life is in God's hands. My body may occassionally feel slightly older than it's age. I may sit down on nearly every bench as i pass it or list washing my hair as one of the main activities of my day! But i'm not really living like the aged before my time. Right now, this is my time, because it is His time for me.
"My times are in His hands" - Psalm 31.15


jeni cottrell said...

Becky, you're a legend, it was lovely to see you today. I'm so thankful to God for your attitude and that He gives you so much peace.

Gledwood said...

What was I going to say ... old people on buses ... well round here Ken Livingstone's Transport For London policy things had so much success (man! WHY did he let schoolkids travel free? They take over the bus jeering and screaming. And are quite disgusting. Now ppl tell ME I am getting old !!) Yeah he's had so much success in filling up buses they are like cattle trucks now. And old people barely get a look in!
Also I've noticed the over 60s VERY rarely if ever go outside after nightfall.
Not that I blame them for that either!!

rebekah fox said...

ha ha, yeah, i know in most cities buses are packed with anybody... think it must just be seaside towns like worthing that have buses with only the elderly on... in fact, i am sometimes the only person on the bus i get, what's that about? you'd never see that in London. Anyway, why i am still talking about buses!? Thanks for the comment Gledwood. Thanks also Jeni, it was really good to see you.