Saturday, July 07, 2007

"For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face." - 1 Corinthians 13:12

I used to have 20/20 vision, but my eyesight's been getting pretty bad recently... a lot of what i look at is blurred or it's quite a strain to read things.. i think it's just another drug side-effect, so i don't really mind, it probably won't last - in fact it's not even that bad today. It's better than when i was on my first drug anyway; for a period i had double vision. I remember finding it quite amusing when i sat at church and could distinctly see two of Colin as he was preaching! ha ha. Anyway, it got me thinking about what it must be like to be properly blind. My Dad's new job is with an organisation who print books for people who are blind and i may do a bit of work there myself when i can. It must be so strange. We were talking the other day about seeing God when we go to heaven and how amazing it will be.... i guess it will be even more incredible if you are able to simply 'see' for the first time. My Dad reckons that 'seeing' will be completely different in heaven and that we won't just have eyes like those we do now, but that we will see through our spirit and our senses and in ways we've never 'seen' before. I guess in a way we see God like that now - through the eyes of our heart and mind - as we can't physically see him yet, but what we see now is still just a dim reflection, whereas then it'll be face to face. bring on that day.

On a completely different note my orchid has got 4 new flowers on it, and another 7 buds. A few months ago my mother declared that i had killed it. Admittedly it did look slightly dead, but i refused to believe her and knew that it's barren period would pass and it would come to life again. Anyway, although it is very rare for me to be right, i am happy to say that this time i was and my orchid lives on.....


deb said...

When i was praying with the girls the other day God reminded me of how your orchid looked dead but had bountiful life in it and sprouted wonderful new flowers. It was a really lovely illustration actually for Kirsty.

Sometimes things do that don't they - look dead but really have so much still to give. Isn't God just flippin awesomely mysterious - it just reminds me of how much we can't yet know about our God but that we get to see him as he is, face to face and in all his glory some day soon. Hallelujah I say!

Breathtaking it really is! Love you heaps matey x

becky said...

Yeah, i must admit it did greatly encourage me too when the first flowers appeared again.. I think i spend my life making parables for myself from things around me... i know it's very simple, but there is something hope-giving when trees or plants that have been bare for a while suddenly bud again.

Gledwood said...

Congratulations on the orchid. They are well funky flowers.
You ought to get your eyes checked out. The optician looks at the back of your eye so having a full eye test is a test of health as well. Anyway you know nowadays you can get pretty cool reading glasses just over the counter or from the spinner for under £5 at a lotta chemists. Great value. I wish they did shortsighed ones for the same prices. But alas no!
Just passing and thought I would say hi!
You're now officially in my blogroll... sorry it has taken so long to put you in
iv'e been really bad at it
also i've been to practically no-one's blog in the past week
so sorry not to have been in touch u have a great blog here!

all the best 2u


Belinda said...

Hi darling...its so good to read your blog. I know I havent spoken to you for ages. Im feeling rather exhausted...but want to catch up soon my friend. Keep well. Im always praying for you. About your orchid...God makes the things that look dead to us come fact sometimes things have to die first for us to realise that only God can make it alive.