Friday, August 06, 2010

Masquerading signs and wild flowers....

I had to go out to get some stamps today and on the way back i was tired, so decided to follow a footpath which i presumed would be a short-cut home. But i was wrong. Very wrong. I walked for ages and ended up coming out on a main-road about 5 times further away from my house than i had been to begin with! I think i laughed out-loud at this point. However, despite the tiredness, this footpath did take me on a nice walk... through fields of cows and down pretty paths which were laced with wild-flowers and blackberries. I broke the law and picked a few so i could put them in a little vase in my room.

One of the fields that i walked past had so many poppies in it... i love poppies and really wanted to be able to pick one, but there was a barbed wire fence so i couldn't go in.... so i whispered a little prayer instead, that maybe i could find a poppy by the side of the path.. and a few minutes later i did. It was a bruised and battered poppy, but i loved it and it made me smile, cos i figured God has put it there just for me.. and then i saw a couple more unbruised poppies, which i couldn't help but pick. I know maybe that was bad of me, but i decided that seeing as God has answered my childish simple prayer, then maybe He wouldn't mind if i picked it and brought it home to put on my window-sill and to remind me that He hears even our little whispers and bizarre requests! Anyway, there is absolutely no point whatsoever to this post... except i'm grateful that even on long-detour-routes there are things to make you smile on the way.

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