Thursday, August 26, 2010

His words..

In Your words there is certainty. The only words in existance that come with a life-time guarantee. I'd like to live inside Your words.. like little caves, take refuge in them. Hide away in the curls of each letter, clinging on to each stroke. Your words abide forever. I'd like to set sail in them.. in Your boat; carved and knitted from Your thoughts, Your phrases, Your promises. I'm sure such a boat could never sink. It will carry me safely to Your shores. Your words are life, as YOU are The Word. So there is no better place to abide. Let me abide in Your words forever.

- I wrote the above in my diary a year ago, i just found it and it reminded me again of the truth that is found in God's word alone.... truth that is so much richer and provides so much more security than all the World's lies...

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