Thursday, September 11, 2008

spoken or unspoken

"... I try to find something wise and hopeful to say to them, only little by little coming to understand that the most precious thing i have to give them is not whatever words i find to say, but simply whatever, spoken or unspoken, i have in me of Christ, which is also the most precious thing they have to give me."  - Frederick Buechner


Hannah said...

I was thinking of this idea today actually, as a met a homeless man and thought to myself hopefully he saw something of Christ in me as I talked to him. And then I thought, hang on a minute I am meant to treat him as I would treat Christ (like the bible says we give food to the hungry and it is aif we give it to Christ himself).

So in that way there is something of Christ in us and something of Christ in those we meet..

We are all made in God's image and Christ himself is the image of the Invisible God..

becky said...

Yep sister. I often find that when i go to someone intending to help them, as if i have something to offer them, then i actually come away finding that they have something to offer me... something of Christ.