Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For that cry is mercy

"Take us to the river, take us there in unity to sing, the song of your salvation, to win this generation for our King, the song of your forgiveness, for it is with grace that river flows, take us to the river in the city of our God.

Take us to your throne room, give us ears to hear the cry of heaven, for that cry is mercy, mercy to the fallen sons of men, mercy it has triumphed, triumphed over judgement by your blood, take us to the throne room in the city of our God.

Take us to the mountain, lift us in the shadow of your hand. Is this your mighty angel that stands astride the ocean and the land, for in his hands your mercy showers on a dry and barren place, take us to the mountain in the city of our God. "

(Robin Mark)

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