Wednesday, February 06, 2008

today i feel...

Today i feel thankful for today. Not because i've done anything useful with it, i haven't, but simply because it existed. It's an amazing thing to wake up and find the sun still shining and life still going on around me.... the oceans still steadily throw waves upon the shore, the birds dance around looking for food and singing in the process, the hills and grass and trees and early flowers still remain, the kids across the road from me still chatter and shout, i am still alive and can breathe and talk and move and think.... why should this be so? why should today exist? why should tomorrow exist? i take it all for granted so often. I forget how intricate and wonderful God's creation is, i forget that it is He who makes hearts beat and things grow and breathes life into everything... i forget that He is life. Today i'm thankful for all that. Today i'm thankful for this day. 

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