Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Honestly and truely i've never seen anything like it. Never seen a day as strangely mysterious and beautiful as today. Never seen a sea of silver white coating the trees and hedges and plants with such exact precision as i saw today. Everything was covered in frost for the entire day. We drove through the countryside and it was like driving though another world. Like driving through a ghost town, yet seriously beautiful. Like everything had just been dipped in water and frozen instantly. It was so different to snow, which collects in lumps and goes to sludge. Here every tiny detail and shape was outlined. The air was full of mist and i was honestly stunned. Frost may sound like a normal occurance, but today was so different. My parents were shocked and have never seen it before either. It made me look at everything in a fresh way. It made me marvel at God's creation. 

Whenever there is cold weather like this my Dad says the same thing: "It's good for the ground you know. It will kill off all the bad bacteria and bugs." And it's true. Every season is useful for it's own reasons. And i know it's the same in our lives too. 

I've actually had a fresh wave of happiness hit me the last week or so. Happiness that makes me want to leap in the street and has caused me to sing outloud whilst walking my dog. Maybe the sun has made a difference, most days recently it has been so beautiful that i want to thank God for everything i can see and hear. I end up walking down the road with a big grin on my face and laughing to myself. I'm happy that spring is on it's way. But as today reminded me, i'm also happy with winter.


Hannah said...

that's good.. glad to hear ur feeling happy again.. u had me worried after your last post!

becky said...

Thanks for your comment on my last post by the way Hannah. I wasn't not happy when i wrote that one, i was just a little saddened that i had little of worth to say... but you were right in a way about silence anyway. xxx