Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Songs in the Night

"God, my maker, who giveth songs in the night." - Job 35.10

"No man can make a song in the night of himself; he may attempt it, but he will find that a song in the night must be divinely inspired. Let all things go well, i can weave songs, fashioning them wherever i go out of the flowers that grow upon my path; but put me in a desert, where no green thing grows, and wherewith shall i frame a hymn of praise to God?.. Let but this voice be clear, and this body full of health, and i can sing God's praise: silence my tongue, lay me upon the bed of languishing, and how shall i then chant God's high praises, unless He Himself give me the song? No, it is not in man's power to sing when all is adverse, unless an alter-coal shall touch his lip... Since our maker gives songs in the night, let us wait upon Him for the music. O Thou chief musician, let us not remain songless because affliction is upon us, but tune Thou our lips to the melody of thanksgiving." - Spurgeon

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