Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My sister, Hannah, sent me an article she had written about the Chilean miners who have been trapped under ground for the last 2 months. She wrote it a few weeks ago, and today they are finally being rescued. It's moving to watch and i found my sister's article encouraging. Here is an extract:

'Images of this mining disaster remind me of a sermon by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, preached almost 70 years ago, called How a Prisoner Waits for His Release. In this message, Bonhoeffer used the analogy of miners trapped underground as a poignant image of our lives as humans, waiting for rescue and freedom:

“They are trapped deep in the earth, dark as night, cut off alone… here in the deepest depths of the lowest shaft, there is no hope. There remains only agony and waiting for death. And what if then, a light sound is heard, like a knocking, a hammer blow, a breaking of stone!… It is really about Advent that I am speaking. Those events are precisely what happens in the drawing near of God to humankind, the coming of deliverance, the arrival of Christ. ‘Stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.’”

For those who are sick, lonely, or in prison, for the broken-hearted and the homeless, the words come like a glimmer of torch light in the distance, or star light over a stable in Bethlehem…“Not long now! Lift up your head! Don’t worry, your rescuer isn’t far away!”

To all who are burdened and weary from the weight of guilt, suffocating in the darkness of shame and unable to find a way out, the call comes. “There is a knock at the door. Don’t you hear it? It will guide you through all your rubble, the stoniness of your heart. That doesn’t happen quickly, but it comes. Christ breaks his way through to you, to your heart.”'

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That was so incredible to watch as they all came out!