Sunday, July 25, 2010

The greatest good.

I was just looking through my blog at things i've previously quoted, and came across the following, which i feel like quoting again today:

"O Lord, if this were lost instead,
And all I had was you, I would
Be rich, and have the greatest Good." - John Piper

"This is the true bride, the one who says to Christ:
I do not want what is Thine, I want Thee, Thyself.
Thou art not more dear to me when i am doing well,
nor less dear when i am doing poorly." - Martin Luther

"He is indeed enough. He is not all we would ask for (if we are honest), but it is precisely when we do not have what we would ask for, and only then, that we can clearly perceive His all-sufficiency. It is when the sea is moonless, that the Lord has become my light." - Elisabeth Elliot

"Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing." - Psalm 34:!0

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guitargirl said...

Just found your blog. Way cool! :D