Wednesday, February 25, 2009

... strange miracles...

I've been wanting to write this post for a long time - somehow i feel like it deserves to be written in a certain way, but i know i will never find those words, so instead i have chosen to write it today, in my simple clumsy language.

I heard about three healings recently. All of which have stayed with me. Two of them were people who have been healed of epilepsy. The other was actually just fiction - i read it in a novel, but still novel's can have power to speak to you, i think. 

By chance i came across the testimony of a Christian on-line - he happens to go to the same church as some friends of mine and i ended up speaking to him on the phone for a long time. He grew up with epilepsy, which got quite severe, and meant his life and schooling were badly affected. One day he became a Christian and felt God tell him he would be healed. Two years later he had an operation to remove part of his brain, and although he had a few seizures after, he has now been off medication and seizure free for 15 years. You could say it was just because of the operation. Or you could say it was God's way of healing him, using the operation as the method. I say it was down to God. 

This guy also told me the testimony of another man he knew, who also had epilepsy and went to his church for a while. They prayed for his healing and he then got cancer as well. However, after the radiotherapy that he had for the cancer, his seizures stopped. There is no logical reason for that, but it's what happened... and since then he has been seizure free. Another miracle i would say.

The third instance was the one i read in a story. Just fiction. But, in light of the other two testimonies it stood out at me. It involved a boy who had severely weak lungs. His Father often prayed for him. However, after a bizarre series of events in which he was shot in the chest, he recovered with perfect lungs.... showing no sign of the shooting, or of his previous sickness. (ok, so it's fiction, i know..)

Anyway, what i observed in all three cases, is that the healing actually happened through another seemingly bad event. The first guy had to have part of his brain removed. The second guy had to have radiotherapy. The third guy was shot. I genuinely believe that all three cases are examples of God's healing power and mercy though. They are not just chance occurances. But i also noticed that the healing doesn't happen how you would naturally expect. For some unknown reason, God decided that the best way of healing these people was through another difficult event. It wasn't that they were instantly healed when prayed for. But they were healed, over time. I believe God can heal instantly, but also that He has His own ways that only He understands and so sometimes heals over a long period of time, or in a wierd way, or sometimes not until the moment someone meets Jesus....  but I trust He knows what's best and is faithful to His word.

I praise God for healing these guys with epilepsy..... i have only ever met/spoken to a very, very small number of people who have epilepsy... at least half of these cases are of people who are now healed. 

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