Monday, January 12, 2009

Like broken glass

My words fall to the ground like broken glass, a sound that's been made too many times before. No comfort to the ears. No comfort to the heart. Just a noise, but not a melody of life. Not the sound of salvation or gentle drops of mercy. No healing in them for the world that's torn apart, for the world that's dying. That's not how it should be. That's not what i desire. But i'm a fool and i speak too quick. There's a multitude on the streets, just waiting, in need of a word that will bring them life. One look into the eyes of a child and i see it. Eyes that seek love and encouragement. Eyes that are broken and disappointed, longing for wholeness, longing for life. We need lips that are streams of truth, of comfort, of love, of mercy, of healing. Out of the heart the mouth does speak. How bad my heart is. So fickle. So half-hearted. I hear myself crying 'please change me.. whatever it takes. Whatever.'.. But then i hear the sweet sound of that whisper in my ear, that tells me He has already done it. Done whatever it took. It took the death of His son. He is the only word that brings true restoration. God give me grace to speak it.

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Jen Ryder said...

this is beautiful becks. xx