Sunday, November 11, 2007

The man who was healed

I met a man today who was healed of epilepsy 7 months ago. He had been on medication for 9 years, but was still having some seizures. He was then prayed for and was healed, so came off his medication and hasn't had a seizure since. It's a clear cut healing too, not just luck that he hasn't had a fit. He had a serious car crash 9 years ago, which caused brain damage and consequently epilepsy. When he was monitered, his brain waves were irregular, confirming the diagnosis. Anyway, when tested now it is clear that his brain has been healed and the waves are completely normal again. Very encouraging i think. Only God can work a miracle like that.


Anonymous said...

Bex, that's amazing! Praise God! I miss you so so much and I really am in need of a Becky hug very soon. Love you heaps, Deb xxx

jeni cottrell said...

Hi Becky,
Was lovely to speak to you the other day. That's an amazing and hopeful testimony.
Will write soon,
Lots of love,
Jeni xxxxxxxxxx