Wednesday, September 12, 2007

B-SIDE (see reverse for more information)

"One leaves with a path in mind but journeys are always full of unforeseeable events... It would be hard to get to a place you don’t know without wandering a little, sometimes that wandering becomes the important thing, sometimes you get lost and make a completely unexpected discovery, sometimes nothing happens and sometimes that’s ok too."
By Andrea Acosta. Artwork entitled "B-SIDE (see reverse for more information)".
I really like these designs, done on the back of street signs. I came across them on Wooster Collective. I like the idea of them too and how she attempts to add a poetic edge to something so normal. She writes on her website:
"As artists I think we have the power to interrupt the everyday, the people, the flow of something, to make something else visible; a brief moment of understanding that perhaps turns into a story, a comment, a conversation, perhaps only you change but certainly at the end energy is moving."
I think we should all aim to live in such a way - not for the sake of art, but for the sake of something greater, something that needs to be made visible in the midst of the everyday.

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hannah said...

how very profound