Sunday, August 26, 2007

full of message

Hannah sent me this post card from Japan. It is in fact called a "post cord" on the back! On the front it says " i have a lot of words to you. but i dared not tell you these words. I'm gonna send it to your heart. everything is fine!" That sounds like a very typically Japanese message! Anyway, i love the picture. It is by Kaori Wakamatsu. Hannah is very good at picking up nice flyers and postcards. It would seem that she is actually my primary supplier!

I potentially made my first friend up here today. At least hopefully we'll be friends. I haven't really spoken to many people under 50 since i've been here (except shop keepers)... i haven't been here long though and i don't mind speaking to people in their 50's and 60's at all, in fact i like it, but it was just quite refreshing to chat to someone younger as well.

There is a lot i could write, but i won't at the minute - it is beautifully sunny and i feel the need to be outside instead.

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Hannah said...

what, no comments? and it's such a nice postcard too! well i think so!